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We promise to always deliver the highest level of satisfaction, genuine attention to detail, knowledgeable expertise, and timeliness of service for every customer and home we serve.

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Every home requires a unique approach during installation. We'll work with you to create the best fit for your holiday needs while using the latest in lighting equipment for the brightest display.

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We understand that every home has a budget. We work hard to give you the biggest bang for your buck to ensure your home always stands out, especially at a price that you can afford.


Products & Services

Want to know what you’re purchasing and what we have to offer? Below is a comprehensive list of our products and services.




Our products are efficient and durable. We spare no expense to ensure we use the latest in LED technology, lighting solutions and stay on trend for the latest premium looks in holiday decor. We’ll work directly with you to find the best customized installation for your household. Call ahead with special requests.


LEDs & Incandescent bulbs in all product lines that our customers can pick from.

C9, C7, 5MM LEDs offered in various solid colors & assorted multi-color option comes in blue, green, orange, yellow and red. We also carry a warm white LED that is comparable to the traditional clear incandescent bulb.

C9, C7, Mini incandescent bulbs offered in various solid colors & assorted multi-color option comes in blue, green, orange, purple and red.

Pre-lit wreaths ranging in size from 12” – 72” diameter.

Pre-lit garland comes in 9’ sections.

LED garland comes with warm white LEDs and pine cones.

Incandescent bulb garland comes with clear incandescent bulbs and twigs, berries & pine cones.



As a full service holiday lighting and decor company we match the best holiday solutions for your specific household needs. Whether you desire full or partial coverage and accent decor we can balance the right services to create visually striking and affordable options customized for your holiday needs.


Roof Line Lighting (C9 / C7)

Shrub & Tree Lighting

Wreath Installation

Garland Installation

Pathway Lighting

Multi-color Accent Lighting

Installation & Take Down for Indoor Christmas Trees

Decor & Lighting for Indoor Christmas Tre


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Get answers to some common questions.

01. What’s the best way to contact santa’s elves?

The best option is to fill out the contact form at the bottom of our website or on the contact page here. Feel free to call Matt Wooldridge at either his cell (314.651.8052) or office (314.899.9997).

02. Do you carry general liability & Worker’s compensation?

Yes, and we take our responsibility for your home and our worker safety very seriously. Feel free to ask us for a copy anytime at 314.899.9997 or email us at matt@santaselvesstl.com.

03. Are you licensed with the state of missouri?

Yes. Feel free to look us up on the Missouri Secretary of State website here.

04. How long have you been in the lighting & decor business?

Matt Wooldridge and his knowledgable team have been in the holiday lighting and decoration business for 7 years. And we’re still growing every season!

05. Do you offer service calls throughout the season?

Yes, while response times can vary throughout the busy season we do offer service calls for bulb replacements. Other issues like bad timers or non-functioning lights are addressed within 48 hours of the initial service call.

06. When do you service lighting & decor removal post holiday season?

We have always used January to remove all of our customers’ lighting and decor. We take a lot of pride in ensuring a quick removal process during that month.

07. Do you offer a discount for early installation in october?

Yes, returning customers can receive a 5% discount for early installation service. Customers must commit by October 1 to receive discount.

08. Do you offer subdivision pricing?

Yes. We typically offer a 20% neighborhood discount. A minimum of 10 houses is required.

09. Do you require a minimum order for my holiday lighting & decor installation?

Yes. Our minimum order is $150.00 per home installation and service.

10. Are your lights custom cut to my house?

Yes. For us, everything is about detail, consistency and custom delivery. That’s why we cut our strands to fit the exact needs and specifications of your home.

11. Are the lights that are cut to my house designated to my house for the life of the service?

Yes. When we take the lighting & decor down, we store them in a tote with your name and address on it. You’ll never get stuck with someone else’s non-matching lights.

12. Are the bright white leds the only white leds you carry?

No. We carry a warm white LED bulb that is very comparable to the traditional, clear incandescent bulb.

13. Can I pick the color combination?

Yes. You can pick any solid color or combination of colors. Please refer to the services page for color options in the products section.

14. DO you sell or rent the lights to your customers?

All holiday lighting & decor is rented to our customers. While everything is designated to your house we have found this service method to be more consistent and efficient for implementation.

15. Does santa’s elves provide a timer?

Yes. All jobs are set up with at least one timer that can be easily adjusted throughout the season depending on your needs.

16. Do i need to be home on the day of installation?

No. As long as our installers have access to a working receptacle then customers will not need to be present for the installation.

17. how much notice will I receive before my installation date?

Our automated software is set up to email customers at specific intervals before installation. You will receive an email, 2 weeks, 1 week and lastly 1 day prior to the installation. Please keep in mind that weather plays a major factor in our production timelines.

18. what do I need to do if i Do not want my lights running after january 1?

Simply unplug the timer from the receptacle and leave it close by. We’ll pick everything up during the take down period.

19. Are there specific requirements to get a Quote started?

Yes. After initial contact we require an image of your house. If we cannot pull one off of Google Street View, we will request this from you to finalize any service quote.

20. What process do you use to bid each lighting & decor service?

All roof line estimates are based solely on linear feet.

21. When is payment due?

We don’t take payment until the work is done and the customer is happy! Invoices are sent out upon completion of work and sent out after customer inspection and satisfaction of the installation and service.

22. What is included in my one time fee for hoiday lighting?

Materials, installation, service calls, take down & storage are all included in this one time fee. Maintenance on the lighting and decoration is performed before installation to ensure the brightest product every year!

23. When is the best time to contact you regarding a quote?

We accept quote requests any time! That being said, the early bird gets the worm and we typically start gearing up for the season in August so don’t by afraid to start scheduling service in advance.

24. what does santa’s elves do in the off-season?

The winter holidays are our busiest season but we’re always working throughout the year! We offer landscape lighting installation and maintenance as well as power washing and gutter cleaning. We offer free estimates for these services as well.